At WIC, we answer your questions about breastfeeding, nutrition and so much more. We offer you support from the moment you join WIC until your child turns 5.

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At each visit to WIC you can learn something new from our WIC educators, breastfeeding experts and nutritionists. .
If you are pregnant, you and your WIC educator will talk about your diet and how you are feeling..
If you recently delivered a baby, your WIC educator will talk with you about how you’re feeding your new baby and answer your questions about breastfeeding.
If you have an older baby, toddler or a child, your WIC educator will talk with you about feeding your family healthy meals.
If breastfeeding is challenging, your WIC educator will talk with you about your breastfeeding concerns. She may refer you to a breastfeeding peer counselor or lactation consultant for more help.
If you, your baby or your child has a health concern, your WIC educator will refer you to a nutritionist at your WIC center.
At some visits to WIC you can take part in a parent session with a WIC educator and other parents.